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Find Your Calm Affirmation Cards

"Thank you so much for the affirmation cards! I love them!  One day, my mom wasn't doing too well when we were out ... I had my cards with me! She loved them! Thanks again!" - Shaneka H.


The Black Girl's Guide to Calm Book

"What I truly enjoy about this book is the fact that it's written in such a clear, concise and simply way ... This would be a good gift for any Black woman in your life who is dealing with stress and may be looking to improve her holistic wellness". - Ivy F.

This book really helped me down shift to relax and enjoy the moment. Would definitely recommend to a woman who needs to find her peace in this crazy world ...” - Shaniqua P.

 "Jamie has written a clear and accessible guide for maintaining your peace. In today's world of hustle and grind, this is a welcome relief." - N'Tozake


Black Mom's Guide to Calm brand

 "I just want to say, 'Thank you.' I've never been able to meditate before I found your videos!" - Angelica M.

"Jamie is amazing, and her tips and advice on meditation, self-care, self-awareness are invaluable. Her brand has been absolutely vital in my personal growth of the past year, and I am so thankful that we crossed paths." - Nicole P.