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The Black Girl's Guide to Calm Book E-Book

The Black Girl's Guide to Calm Book E-Book

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As a woman -- and a Black woman in particular -- you likely deal with some level of stress. Juggling child(ren), a significant other, work and other commitments can be a lot; trust me, I get it.

But what if you had a quick guide that showed you how to manage and/or lessen your stress with simple and effective ways to create more inner peace, joy and relief? Well, that's where The Black Girl's Guide to Calm comes in!

This book shares practical tips and advice for creating inner peace and finding calm in the chaos of your life.

You’ll learn:

  • How to meditate + breathing techniques to help you relax
  • Yoga poses for stress relief
  • Ways you can use visualization and affirmations to find calm
  • How you can make self-care a priority in your life

Chapters Include:

✔️ What You Should Know About Stress

✔️ Meditation + Breathing Techniques

✔️ Using Affirmations and Mantras to Find Your Calm

✔️ Self-Care and Creating Routines

✔️ Everyday Mindfulness

✔️ Enjoy Your Journey

✔️ Yoga for Stress Relief and Calm

✔️ 15 Affirmations for Peace


Here's what a couple of readers had to say:

"Jamie has written a clear and accessible guide for maintaining your peace. In today's world of hustle and grind, this is a welcome relief." - N'Tozake

"Jamie's Guide to Calm is an excellent resource for those who are too often overwhelmed with their days' tasks and find themselves in that space of pouring of themselves more quickly than they can refill ..." - Trelani M.

Order your copy today and be on your way to more calm, joy, wholeness, harmony and relief.


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