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Smoky Quartz Crystal

Smoky Quartz Crystal

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"[Crystal healing is] a wonderful tool for finding your own spiritual, mental, and emotional empowerment so that you, too, can lead a life that truly invigorates you and brings you joy.”– Karen Frazier

Used for healing purposes for thousands of years, crystals each have their own individual energetic properties that can help you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically.

Ways to use them include:

Placing them in various areas of your home and/or work space.
Using them during meditation and to enhance your spiritual practice.
Carry them with you in your purse or bag (or in your bra like I do).

I've been using them for about 6 years, and they've been a great asset to my personal + spiritual growth. Additionally, crystals healing is one of my favorite tools for finding my calm.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Grounding | Centering | Balance | Stability

Smoky quartz:

  • Helps relieve stress, anger and fear.
  • Increases positive energy and absorbs negative energy.
  • Grounds and centers.
  • Assists in healing old emotional wounds.
  • Brings feelings of balance and stability.


I release stress and all that no longer serves me.
I inhale calm and exhale worry.
I let go of the pain of the past and live in the moment.

Your crystals have been cleansed by sage, then charged with the intention of inner peace and calm. You'll also receive 3 mantras to use with it.


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